Target Cutting Workshop

Registered for the DC HEMA Open Cutting Competition?

Don't want to botch that first tatami?

Let Karl teach you a few things about cutting.


What: Target Cutting Workshop

When: Sunday, January 6, 2018; 4 P.M. - Until Complete

Where: Capital Area Budokai, 25 S. Quaker Lane, Alexandria, VA

Cost: $25 for beginner-level students (have never competed, or have not advanced past qualifier round), $30 for advanced or intermediate student (have advanced past qualifier round or have placed in cutting competition)

Required Equipment: Athletic clothing and shoes.  

Recommended Equipment: Feder, sharp sword if you have one, and water bottle.


CKDF can provide sharp swords and synthetic feders.

Beginners will learn how to perform basic cuts (oberhau, unterhau, mittlehau) in the air, how to listen for "sword wind,"  targeting, and how to cut tatami following a simple pattern.

Advanced students will receive additional instruction on how to perform sturzhau, wechselhau, zwerchau, krumhau, double cuts, and lightning cuts.

Each beginner student will be allowed to cut two mats.  Advanced students may cut three mats.

Due to a tatami shortage, we will give priority registration to those CKDF students competing at the DC HEMA Open.  (We will offer this class again when new tatami is available.)

Students may attend the instruction portion, but only those students registered for the workshop may cut mats.  

Karl Cutting.jpg

Karl Bolle will teach the class.  

Karl has competed in cutting for three years, winning gold medals at the DC HEMA Open ('16, '17), Combat Con ('16), and Longpoint ('16). 

He studied with Jake Norwood for four years and is now instructor at Capital Kunst des Fechtens.

He teaches cutting techniques in both two-handed and single-handed weapons, and is internationally recognized as one of the top competitors and instructors in target cutting.

Students under his instruction have medaled at DC HEMA Open, Fechtschule New York, Longpoint, and Fecht Yeah.