Ram Point: a Longpoint Historical Fencing League open steel longsword tournament (Saturday) and open sparring on (Sunday)

Lamb Point: a coached rookie training longsword tournament (Sunday).  Participants may participate in classes and free sparring (Saturday).


For insurance purposes, VCU requires all participants to belong to a HEMA Alliance affiliate. Due to legal reasons, VCU will not allow children under the age of 18 to participate in the event (sorry Carlie and Juniper). :-(


Virginia Commonwealth University, Larrick Student Center, 900 Turpin St, Richmond, Virginia 23219


Saturday, February 17 - Sunday, February 18

Check in 9:00 - 9:30 A.M. (both days) - All competitors must check in by 9:30 A.M.

Dinner Saturday 7:30 P.M.


Registration Includes:

  • One Tournament
  • Classes (Saturday)
  • Open sparring 
  • Lunch (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Dinner (Saturday)
  • Optional Single Stick Tournament (Saturday evening)
  • Event Shirt


Please complete the purchase for each registration.  Only purchase one at a time. 

We apologize for the inconvenience, You will be signing the HEMA Alliance Liability Waiver when you complete your purchase so you don't have to sign one on the day of the registration.


What rules are you using?

Ram Point will use the Fechtschule New York 2017 rules.

Lamb Point will use a modified version of Flower Point 2017 rules. (to be posted soon)

What equipment will I need?

If you are fighting in Ram Point, you will need for tournament kit. See page 18 of the Longpoint 2017 rules for a detailed list.

If you are fighting in Lamb Point, the weapons used follow the 'lowest common denominator' model.  If both fighters are comfortable with have have steel feders listed on the Longpoint approved feder list, they may use steel in that match.  Protective equipment for steel must match the Ram Point requirements found in the Longpoint 2017 rules.  Otherwise, the fights will default to synthetics, which will be provided. 

At a minimum, all skin must be covered and the fighters must have the following, approved HEMA fencing mask, back of head protection, gorget, HEMA gauntlets or Red Dragon gloves, rigid elbow, knee, and shin protection.  Men must wear a pelvic protector (cup).  Many of these items will be available for participants to borrow for Lamb Point.

How many people are fighting in Ram Point?

We are initially capping registration at 60.

How many people can fighting in Lamb Point?

We are initially capping registration at 50.

How does Lamb Point define a rookie?

Lamb Point will be a coached rookie tournament.  We will not hand out prizes, and the results will not be reported to HEMA rankings. Your performance and individual improvement should be your reward.

Many new fighters and even some novice fighters may benefit from the focused instruction.  Placement in the tournament will not be based on time or by experience, but based more on skill level.  We ask that fighters use judgement and discretion when making their decision.  If you are a nervous, timid fighter, Ram Point may help you learn specific skills to help you overcome your fears.  If you have never fought in a  HEMA tournament, but you are athletic and aggressive, you may prefer to fight in Ram Point.  

Many competitors in Lamb Point are college students who have only been studying HEMA for a semester and many do not have full kit.  Lamb Point is NOT the place to inflate your ego, or intimidate and possibly injure young, new fighters.  

If you are unsure what tournament you should register for, ask your instructor. 

Here is some additional information to help you decide:

  • If you are an A-Tier fighter or a B-Tier fighter who regularly advances out of the pools, have lots of experience in steel longsword tournaments, care about your standing in the League, or track your HEMA rating, register for Ram Point .
  • If you a new-ish fighter (fighting HEMA less than a year), but you are naturally athletic, hit like a ton of brick, eat glass for breakfast, maybe have a background in sports fencing or were a military mercenary, want a challenge, and want to WIN ALL THE THINGS, register for Ram Point.
  • If you are a middling-level fighter, but you are super hyped about winning, register for Ram Point.
  • If you are BRAND NEW fighter, have no gear, but you want to try your hand at a tournament, register for Lamb Point. We will have gear your can borrow.
  • If you are a NOVICE fighter and have fought in Open steel tournaments, but you struggle to make it out alive, let alone make it out of the pools, register for Lamb Point.
  • If your lack of experience prevented you from signing up for a LPHFL league event or larger tournament, register for Lamb Point
  • If you are a middling-level, but you prefer fight in low-pressure learning environment, register for Lamb Point.

Be honest with your experience.  Registering your ego won't do anyone any favors.

If you want to sign up for Lamb Point to win against (or maybe hurt) new fighters, don't be a jerk. There won't be any amazing prizes.

If you are signing up for Ram Point because you don't want to be seen registering for an "easy tournament," I can assure you, it won't be easy... just different.

I fought in the Longpoint Tier B tournament because there was no room in the Rookie Tournament.  I really wanted to get the experience of working with a mentor.  Is it possible for me to register for Lamb Point?

Yes, Depending on your experience level,  If you have questions about what tournament is best for you, we recommend you discuss with your instructor first. 

There will be many experienced fighters at Ram Point (see the answer to the above question).  If your instructor thinks you are too advanced for Lamb Point, you may benefit from attending some of the mini-lessons being offered on Saturday and asking an experienced fighter to coach you during Ram Point.

What if I register for the wrong tournament?

If you think you registered for the the wrong tournament, contact info@capitalkdf.org.  Organizers can place you in the appropriate event.   

Organizers may also ask participants to change registration from one tournament to the other.  In this case. the organizers will contact you to discuss.  A full refund will be available if you are unhappy with the final decision.

Will participants be expected to staff and judge?

Yes.  You will be asked to staff and judge the tournament for which you are registered.  

What are we eating for lunch and dinner?

Sandwiches and chips for lunch.  Pizza for dinner.  Bottled water and sodas will be available for meals.

What if I have special dietary needs?

We will provide alternative meals for those registrants who list food allergies or other serious dietary limitations. If you have a limitation that is so severe that you must provide your own food, contact info@capitalkdf.org.  We may be able to work with you.

What if I don't like what you are serving? Can I receive a discount?

No discounts will be given for those who elect not to eat the meals.  We set our budget to provide meals for all participants.  If you chose not eat the meals provided, you may bring your own food or eat at other restaurants located within a short walking distance.  We don't anticipate that we will be breaking long for lunch. 

What if I would like to instruct on Saturday and be a mentor on Sunday?

Contact info@capitalkdf.org

What if I can only attend one day?  Will that change my price?


What is the refund policy?

Full refunds may be provided up to 10 days before the event.

What if I have more questions?

Contact info@capitalkdf.org.  Or hit up Marie C. Ochs (Dayna Rowden) on Facebook.

Confirmed Instructors and Mentors

Maryland Kunst des Fechtens

  • Stuart Lacy
  • Travis Mayott
  • Jess Rozek
  • Kiana Shurkin

Richmond Kunst des Fechtens

  • Philip Burgstahler
  • Michael Croke

Steel City Historical Fencing

  • Chris Hobbs
  • Chris Shelton

MEMAG Bucks County

  • Stephen Cheney

Capital Kunst des Fechtens

  • Karl Bolle
  • Alexander Bowe
  • William Buschur
  • Charles Lin

New York Historical Fencing Association

  • Toby Hall
  • Jay Tsulis

Fenris Kunst des Fechtens

  • Jake Priddy

    L'arte Della Bellica

    • Patrick McCaffrey

      Broken Plow

      • Scott Barb